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An EverQuest Guild -- on -- The Rathe Server
Founded on  April 11, 1999

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Recent News

Vanquished Foes 

Final Guild Meeting of the Champions of Norrath 

to be held Friday 4/16 at 9:30 pm Eastern 

in WC near the Wizard Spires. 

For more info please read Karas' post.


  *** CoN Proudly Celebrates It's Fifth Anniversary on April 11th - Festivities All Week  ***  

Kick-off Night at Dogle's in PoK 

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Newbie Buffing in Crushbone

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April 10

  • We Champions held a successful raid in Plane of Storms  on April 8th.  Many BoT key pieces were gathered as well as taking down the named giant Solnebk the Unruly.  

  • In addition, a few milestones for our members need to be announced:

    Sekhar attained the grand ol' level of --- WTG !!

    Evylangel obtained her title of Exarch - /hugz and /grats to Evy!

    Ciaran FINALLY hit level --- Wooohooo!

    Talmin obtained his 350th AA -- WOAH Doc!  Whooosh.... 

    Shuzzam reached level -- Big CoNgratulations Shuz!

April 7

  • A BoT raid was held on April 5th.  However due to a large number of guild members being locked out by the login server, we were not able to complete the towers successfully.   In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenagger, "we'll be back"! 

  • Overlord Banford Paffa was once again slain by Champion hands on  4/3.   Special thanks to Tomal and Evylangel for leading this raid, to Lanlaas for scouting out the target, to Skytalon, Stonnyfor and Pavel for MTing, and to everyone else who helped to make this raid a success.   WTG CHAMPIONS!

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  • A guild meeting was held on Friday 4/2 in Dreadlands near the druid ring.  A log of the meeting is available for members on the boards.

  • For April Fool's Day we held a successful raid in Plane of Mischief.  This was a first raid in that zone for us, and so we did a lot of much needed exploring.   We had a good trial run thru a tiny part of the castle (it's a HUGE zone). We made it easily into the main chest room, then down the hall to the Wizards Dining room, from there into the Shakespeare room and then ported up to the Black/White room.  From there we wrapped up and ported out. Special Thanks to Sundown for main pulling, to Skywind & Skycitadel for starting up the early groups, to Tamarrion for MTing, to Hyppy for covering loot, and all our druid porters.

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-- News update by Edhelorn Wayfarer



Editor's Corner

"In the end,  only kindness matters, only friends remain." - Edhelorn Wayfarer


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