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Recent News

Vanquished Foes 

End of January update

  • A successful raid on Chardok was held on Sunday for Whatzit's cleric epic Singed Scroll.  Thanks to all who came out to help.

  • dozeJan04.jpg (187771 bytes)Our Dozekar rotation was up on Saturday 1/31 and we were successful in bringing him down along with his named friends. WOOT WTG Champs!!

  • Lanlaas attained enough AA points to get his MGB ability - WTG Lan!

  • We attempted Aaryonar on Friday in NToV but were unsuccessful.  It was a valiant fight and we learned alot about his AE and the pathing of the nearby mobs.  The RC will be figuring out a better way to succeed with him before our next attempt.  Big thanks to all who helped with the CRs, pulling and sticking it out on this long attempt.

  • BoT was held again on Tuesday 1/27; pictures courtesy of Arkhat .

012704-bt-iri.jpg (310111 bytes)   012704-bt-kuanbyrhailstorm.jpg (117420 bytes)   012704-bt-auliffechaoswind-dead.jpg (89527 bytes)

  • In other news, Mallev dinged Shuzzam & Aspenwyd dinged , and Arkhat dinged a BIG !! 

BIG CoNgratulations to all!!

January 27

  • And since once is never enough, we again attacked BoT on Sunday, the 25th and successfully stormed 3 towers in ~3.5 hours - whooosh!  CoNgrats to Mellilu, Serril, Crystalia, Mallev, Dredman, Tamarrion and Skyallindahl on their new items/spells!

BotJan2504.jpg (293954 bytes)    BotJan2504_2.jpg (283505 bytes)

  • A Guild meeting was held on Sat. 24th in Dreadlands near the druid ring.  High points of the meeting were the tagging of new permanent members, kudos for the HRC and RC, discussion of direction for the guild, as well as a Guild Spirit Award for Ortilyan and Guild Master's Award for Serril.

  • Gholli turned !!   WTG froggie!

  • Bastions of Thunder (BoT) was attacked again on Friday the 23rd.  Both Brynju Thunderclap and Kuanbyr Hailstorm were brought down by a mighty Champion force.  CoNgrats to Neander, Gingook, Juruvaiel, Evylangel, Summtin, Shuzzam and Fairwhether on their new items/spells!

January 22

  • On Wednesday 1/21, we hit Innoruuk in the Crypt of Nadox, Overlord Ngrub, and Bloodspear the Wretched again.  WTG Champs!

  • Doc Talmin dinged his 300th AA!! Whooooosh - WTG!

  • The raid night on Monday brought a strike on Overlord Banford Paffa in Crypt of Decay.  He went down very smoothly on this second try and there were NO deaths -- WTG CoN!!  Serril reports that "we were actually waiting on waves to spawn..instead of last time where they were spawning on us and we weren't ready.... When paffa turned overlord and it was called in raid...The correct mobs were ignored and people went on paffa faster than lightning..."  CoNgratz to Juruvaiel who received a  Festering Earlobe - nice stats but ewwww!    Special Thank You's to Tuven for pulling!

After Paffa, we Champions moved onto Bastion of Thunder yet again... and stormed Auliffe's tower with great success.  There were again no deaths, and a number of good drops.  Serril reports that "tonight we progressed rather quickly through SE Tower and Auliffe.... Pulls were smooth, kills were fast...and I do believe that was the fastest we've ever gone up SE to date. Our skills are certainly improving vastly... Soon we may be able to do 3-4 towers in the course of one raid night."  BIG CoNgratz to Yankei on his Ornate Leather Tunic Pattern which will make a VERY SWEET  Wanderer's Sylvan Tunic.   Also to Laod on his Greatstaff of the Four Winds, to Reverend Ortilyan on his Glyphed Rune Word, and to Chenla on his Ring of Torden for Agnarr access. Special thanks go to Laod and Tomal for pulling the SouthEast BoT tower.. excellent job!

January 19

  • Sunday brought two attempts at the Plane of Nightmare Hedge Event, for which we were 1 for 2.  After the first romp around the Hedges, Thelin declined to enter the Hedge with CoN for a second go-round.  Big CoNgratz to all newly flagged for Terris Thule, and condolences to those on the second attempt.  We may be trying this again next weekend for those who were unable to complete it.
  • In a mighty battle on Saturday, we bested Klandicar and added yet another mob to our list of Rotations.  As you can see from my logs below, after Kland ate several of our pets he quickly succumbed to our fierce attack.  In his dying breath he asked that we burn is body at the stake.  A request that we willingly obliged.  

[Sat Jan 17 15:47:56 2004] Klandicar has become ENRAGED.
[Sat Jan 17 15:47:56 2004] Seanus`s pet has become ENRAGED.
[Sat Jan 17 15:47:57 2004] Seanus`s pet has been slain by Klandicar!
[Sat Jan 17 15:47:57 2004] Klandicar says 'I hate wasting food, but when the food comes looking for a fight, what can you do?'
[Sat Jan 17 15:47:58 2004] Jantik has been slain by Klandicar!
[Sat Jan 17 15:47:58 2004] Klandicar says 'I hate wasting food, but when the food comes looking for a fight, what can you do?'
[Sat Jan 17 15:47:58 2004] Gaser has been slain by Klandicar!
[Sat Jan 17 15:47:58 2004] Klandicar says 'I hate wasting food, but when the food comes looking for a fight, what can you do?'

[Sat Jan 17 15:48:00 2004] Klandicar's corpse says 'Well now, look what you have done here! Dead I am, as I knew I would be, if not a bit sooner than I would have liked.. But a rotting carcass upon the ground is no fit end for a Dragon. Grant me this boon, take my heart and hurl it into the fire in the Necropolis, so that my ashes may fly free.'

Kland1st_01.jpg (95412 bytes)    Kland1st_02.jpg (111063 bytes)

  • Also on Saturday we assisted Ortilyan in completing his Coldain Prayer Shawl quest WTG ORTILYAN!!

Ort_Shawl.jpg (171088 bytes)    Tuven'sPet at Shawl.jpg (73469 bytes)

  • In other news, Sir Pokee reports that:

The Clockwork Observer Breastplate requires a level of 250 in Tinkering to be trivial and has some very nice stats. WTG GM Tinkerer Pokee!!

  • TheHole011604_1.jpg (78027 bytes)Last Friday,  we had a successful trip into the depths of the Old Ruins of Paineel (The Hole) yielded a shaman epic item for Shuzzam (WOOT!) and the final warrior epic piece for BoldwindA special thanks to Tuven and all who attended this non-raid event for TWO guildmate's epics.

  • Another BoT raid was held on Thursday Jan. 15th.  Kuanbyr Hailstorm was added to our list of Vanquished Foes, and this represents another CoN milestone of being capable of hunting all 4 BoT towers... Serril extends a special thanks to the pullers on that raid for doing an absolutely great job of getting him without those extra bees!  CoNgratulations to Dwaelin, Tslan, and Ortilyan on their winnings!

  • Karas dinged  - WTG Chief!

  • And "in a surprising turn of events" , Laod attained the level of  !

  • Evylangel reports that on January 13th, her beloved sister Rapunzara earned enough AA's to get AE taunt. Evy says "I'm proud of my sister, and wanted everyone to know of her hard work to earn this."

    Whoosh, GO RAPPY!

January 14

  • To top off the evening last night, Sir Pokee made himself a Grandmaster Tinker's' Spanner.  Woohoo!!

  • Big CoNgratulations to Wiladasie for attaining the level of -- swhoosh !! 

  • Last night we Champions sought out Innoruuk again in the Crypt of Nadox and took out him, followed by the Spiritseeker and ol' whats-his-face in Torgiran.  Except for the deaths moving from place to place, all went very well.

nadox011304_1.jpg (273148 bytes)      nadox011304_2.jpg (275234 bytes)

  • With a little help from Edhelorn, Seanus made himself a Grandmaster's Medicine Bag.  WTG!!

  • Another successful BoT raid was hosted by Serril on Sunday Jan. 11th.  Serril reports:

Thank you all who attended the SW/NE tower raid where we took down Eindride and Brynju. We had an enormous turnout.and even got people into the zone with the 85/15 rule for non-flagged people on raids.

This raid was also very notable because we took down Brynju on first try. No wipes.. no rethinking strategy.. he was as good as dead when we zoned onto third floor .... Brynju opens the door to us getting some more gear (bp's) for Rangers, Rogues, and Shaman...where in the past we've been getting leather and plate types.

I want to thank the pullers of floor 3 (Tslaneesta, Carin, and Laod) for making this even easier to do.

Brynju... CoN has placed you on the hitlist! Prepare to die again..and again..and again!

January 11

  • On Friday 1/9, we Champions took down Derakor the Vindicator followed by a new rotation mob for us - the Statue of Rallos Zek.  Here are are few pics from the glorious battle:

StatueRZ_1.jpg (128176 bytes)   StatueRZ_3.jpg (191087 bytes)   StatueRZ_2.jpg (215321 bytes)   

Woohooot Champions!! CoNgratulations to all who received new items, including a Breastplate of Eradication for Tamarrion!!  And big group hugz to all on taking down this mob!!!

  • Also in the news Chenla achieved his 100th AA point - WTG!!

January 8

  • Talmin now has the spell from the South Ro/Guk theme LDoN adventures - Bulwark of Vie.  It absorbs melee damage: 10%, Max 1600 HP.  Doc Talmin is also sporting this new jacket that he earned in the North Ro/Takish-Hiz LDoN:

WTG Doc!!

  • On Monday we Champions added Overlord Banford Paffa in Crypt of Decay to our 'hit list' of Vanquished Foes.  It may not have been a pretty fight, but we were victorious in the end.  Cheers to all who helped with this fight and CoNgratulations to all who received drops.  WOOHOOO!!

January 6TuzzenRingWar.jpg (188012 bytes)

  • Tuzzen, with the help of over 40 Champions and friends, completed his Coldain Ring War in Great Divide on Saturday January 3rd -- WTG!!
  • Summtin attained the level of  -- BIG CoNgratulations Summ!!
  • Gratz to Tslaneesta on reaching his 100th AA.. .and then 101 shortly after.Kikaman epic.jpg (146029 bytes)

  • Pavel dinged - WTG!!

  • Grats to Kikaman on his Beastlord epic... 
  • Lanlaas completed his Druid epic - whooosh Lan !!

  • Lifesteeler's alt enchanter, Brungad,  dinged - CoNgratz!!

  • Belated CoNgratz to Rapunzara for attaining level -- WOOOT!!



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