Champions of Norrath

These rules are to be adhered to by every member of the Champions of Norrath. Any indiscretion of said rules would be grounds for tribunal by the senior members of council. An inquisition would be held, and a decision with or without punishment will be rendered.


Mission Statement

The Champions of Norrath is a guild dedicated to promoting honorable and courteous behavior among players both in and out of the guild.

It is our belief that working together in harmony increases the enjoyment of adventures in Norrath while also allowing us to accomplish more as individuals and as a guild.

We welcome those who act with kindness, respect and consideration for others regardless of race or class. The ideal champion will be a player who enjoys helping others, enjoys the company of friends and can be respectful of others in all situations. Our guild values honesty, integrity, friendliness and honor.

We have established certain rules and guidelines because we want our members to know what is expected of them and what behaviors the guild will not tolerate. We understand that we all make mistakes at times, we will all stumble, but with a guild family's support, good communication and understanding, we attempt to correct our mistakes and be better Champions for what we learn from each experience.

We are not a guild for everyone. We do not try to be. We strive to maintain the regard for each other that has helped us remain strong through many adversities since April 11, 1999.


One Guild

To avoid possible conflicts of interest, we require that the Champions of Norrath members NOT belong to any other guilds on the Rathe server.

If you feel there are special circumstances that require you to have characters in more than one guild on the Rathe server, contact Karas or another officer to request permission PRIOR to joining another guild. If a member if found to have characters in other guilds, the member will be contacted and asked to chose one guild.


Guild Etiquette

When speaking over guildsay, you will want to remember that there are many age ranges and even children that are in our guild family that play. Terms and their meanings such as "crack" (clarity) , "The Ass room (assasin in lguk)" may not be perceived the same way by a juvenile as we know them to mean in game. Please be aware of this and that time zones vary widely so there really never is an "adults only" time in guildchat.




Loot and Etiquette

I. The Planes

When a member of CoN is in the planes (Fear, Hate, Sky, etc.), he/she should be aware of the looting rules so conduct will not become an issue

  1. Guild Event
  2. A loot table has been created with all planable members.  This will track who has what and works on a rotating basis.

    Special items such as God drops etc are also on a separate table and will be dealt with accordingly.

  3. As a guest

When any member of CoN is a guest of another group or guild that is in the planes, it is imperative that discussions of loot outside of basic inquiry ("what is a X?" etc) be kept to a minimum. Loot will be distributed by the inviting guild as they see fit. The invite should be used as a learning experience or for fun…nothing more.

II. Loot in regular groups

If there is a group consisting solely of CoN members, then loot will be distributed on a "need first" basis. If there are more than 1 persons that need the item, then those persons can determine there and then if they wish to roll, or to let one take the item with the understanding that the other will have priority over the next person on next drop.

If no member of the party has a direct need of the item, it can be distributed either by agreement or /random amongst all party members. It is recommended that loot be distributed to guild members in need of said item before it is auctioned or traded but this is by no means required. It is understood that members may occasionally want to trade or sell items for their personal benefit.

In mixed groups on a non CoN function (by which it’s understood that non CoN functions are random pick up groups), items will be dealt with by the group leader. If the group leader is a CoN, then the best course of action would be to have any "need" items rolled upon by any group members that can use.



Member Deguilding / Reguilding Policy

First Deguilding:

NOTE: During these crucial steps in the re-application process, it would be prudent if the petitioning ex-member did not press the officers or push for constants updates, as these discussions take time and are of a sensitive nature. Continuing to do so will reflect negatively on possible return.

Deguilding a SECOND time will mean permanent banishment from the guild. No review, no reconsideration. The only exception to this will be IF the member discussed the reasons for leaving and the intention to return at a later date with Karas. If no prior approval was granted BEFORE the member deguilds a second time, there will be no returning to the guild at a later date.

We encourage our members to discuss problems and concerns BEFORE they become something so upsetting that deguilding seems to be the only solution.

Please talk to the officers prior to issuing the guild remove command.


Rewards & Recognition

Guild member may nominate members of the guild, and may also nominate Non-members, for acts deemed worthy of recognition. Non members will be officially recognized by the guild master. (example: non member grouped with members risks his life to save our members in a combat situation. This is Champion of Norrath behavior, and recognizing the individual may also become a good recruiting tool).