Our Beliefs:

         This is an Officially recognized guild on the Rathe for those of all alignments. Our job is to clear the lands of Norrath of all things that would hold back our advancement. We work with the ethic of teamwork, and that good can be found in even the most evil of people. This is why we don't have an alignment requirement. +PvP is allowed for those who wish. We are accepting applications for guild members, applicants are required to group with current members and be sponsored by at least one member. This will be verified with the sponsor. Help us become the best!

~Karas LightStrider
GM, Champions of Norrath


 How to Join: (updated 01-22-2003)

The Champions of Norrath are a family of people that have come together to form a unique group of people that extend across the face of Norrath. Joining our family is not difficult but it gives us a chance to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

The first thing that is necessary is for you to group with our members. This should take place over a period of perhaps a couple weeks. In that time our members will be evaluating you, getting to know you, and you-them. This is important because potential members aren’t joining just a guild; they're joining a family. This time should be spent making sure that we are the right place for you.

After grouping with our members, you may be granted temporary status. Temporary status has no set time period. As of late it has been averaging one month’s time. Permanent membership will be offered at monthly guild meetings.

Before the next monthly guild meeting, Karas and his officers will vote on your status. You can either be given Full Membership at this time, you can be kept on Temporary Status, or you can be denied membership. Permanent membership will be offered at monthly guild meetings.

I thank you for your patience and interest in joining our family.